A new perspective on the IoPP MN Member Company Showcase


The IoPP Member Showcase at Dunwoody Technical Institute in Minneapolis was held on March 26th. This was my 3rd time attending. As a newbie to IoPP MN a few years ago, I signed up as an exhibitor not knowing what to expect. After going to this event as both an exhibitor and as an attendee, I’m still impressed by the warm, welcoming atmosphere. I haven’t exhibited at many tradeshows and this was perfect to start off with. The IoPP Member Showcase is a unique mini-tradeshow experience in that you walk around as a group to visit each table and listen to the exhibitor talk about their company in more detail. It’s definitely not as overwhelming as a larger tradeshow – not to mention it gives you an excuse to go to dinner at Benihana’s afterwards for more conversation and networking.

There were many innovative ideas for tradeshow promotion this year. One company gave out calendars with a $100 bill inside. Another booth had unique promotional materials that related to their business, such as the twist tie dispenser manufacturer that gave out mini dispensers. Another exhibitor, a tradeshow display company, showed a sample of their impressive back-lighted fabric display panel, which made the graphics really stand out. This company also offers modular displays that can be used in many different configurations for different size booths for those companies that do several shows a year. They even offer set-up and tear-down services for those that need an easy solution or are under a time crunch.

Here’s my takeaway from the show: there are always new and innovative ways to promote your business or save you time when getting ready for a tradeshow. If you need help with any tradeshow graphics or promotion ideas, reach out to me for an initial consult. I am available to help!